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This is The Creatives magazine. Yes, that means is built by you for you all.

There is too much going on out there. And deep within us we feel the need to create, the call to express ourselves in many ways. Why?

We would like you to join us exploring that question.

You can download the #0 edition of our magazine. is a brief about our project, and how we are working to get the next editions out of the printer ( paper jam ).

We are bugging you literally. When I look at these bug pics I wonder , Why did they created that?

Our magazine is free and we will accept submissions and collaborations for interviews, art, covers, and more…

Thank you!

Want to know more about our magazine and our project?

O quieres preguntar si puedes escribirnos en otro idioma (claro que si!)?

Chat with me at

Have a great day!


Get the free copy of our magazine, just type 0 (the zero number) in the 0+ field and click “I want this”

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